Training Courses

Small Craft Radar

Unlock the mysteries of radar! Many sail and power vessels have a radar set fitted these days. Unfortunately, many owners and crew do not understand the working and benefits of the radar set they have fitted.

This one day RYA recognised and certificated course will provide essential knowledge, both theoretical and practical, to use radar to enhance the safe enjoyment of a vessel afloat.

two views of navigation equipment, one on the roof, the other inside the boat

The topics covered include:-

  • Setting up, how the set measures distance and direction, components of the set, different displays and how they work.
  • Adjusting the picture, concquer the mysteries of range, gain, brilliance, clutter control and tuning.
  • Getting the picture, the sets capabilities and what you are actually seeing on the screen.
  • Radar reflectors, types, how they work, limitations.
  • Positions finding by radar, using ranges and bearings to find your position.
  • Pilotage by radar, entering harbours/creeks etc.
  • Collision avoidance, plotting, risk assessment, closest point of approach.

So don’t just glower at your radar, get trained and ENJOY IT!!!