Own Boat Tuition

If you have recently bought your boat and/or need help to unravel its mysteries help is here. Own boat tuition is offered to help build your confidence and competence to promote safe enjoyment of your vessel. RYA courses further increase your knowledge and practical skills. All information may be helpful, but opinions from ‘bar room’ sailors or those with limited experience may be of little benefit, however well meant.

There is no such thing as a RYA Licence for boat delivery or tuition as others may claim.

Estuary Sailing is a RYA recognised training centre gained after in depth examination, assessment and yearly RYA inspections. Who better placed to give top quality unbiased advice and help than a professional Yachtmaster and Advanced powerboat instructor?

Subjects you may want assistance with may include:-

  • Boat handling advice or practice.
  • Sailing techniques.
  • Rough weather conditions.
  • High speed techniques.
  • Weather, forecasts and sea state/Beaufort scale.
  • Safety issues from equipment levels to MOB recovery techniques.
  • Gas, fuel and electrics on board.
  • Crew and vessel suitability and capabilities.
  • VHF usage and emergency procedure.
  • Engine checks and maintenance.
  • Collision prevention, the ‘colregs’/ rules of the road.
  • Charts and almanacs. Buoyage and light characteristics.
  • Navigation issues. DR and COG. Boat speed and SOG.
  • Depths, spring and neap tides. Tidal effects.
  • Anchoring, suitability of anchorage and your gear.