Mileage, confidence building and adventure sailing trips

People new to boating can justifiably be nervous about using it let alone getting on a boat and setting out on a passage and leaving sight of the shore. Consider gaining a practical insight with a skilled instructor before committing a lot of time and money buying a vessel of your own. Alternatively you wish to develop skills and confidence on your own boat. The subject choice is yours, fast or slow boat handling, sailing techniques, anchoring or whatever you feel will benefit your boating.


Skippers building their RYA skills need qualifying mileages for example:-

Sunset behind the water as the sea breaks onto a beach
  • Day skipper = 5 days, 100 miles and 4 night hours.
  • Coastal skipper = 15 days (2 as skipper), 300 miles and 8 night hours.
  • Yachtmaster = 50 days (5 as skipper), 2,500 miles with 5 passages over 60 miles. 2 overnight passages with 2 as skipper.

Adventure Sailing

See our Adventure Sailing page for details of current planned voyages. From simple overnight trips to longer passages. Some of the past places visited and passages made include:-

  • Crossing Bay of Biscay.
  • Sailing to Portugal around the Bay of Biscay visiting, Spain, France, and Brittany on the return leg.
  • Full circumnavigation of the UK including the Orkney Islands, Hebride/Western Isles, Nth and Sth Ireland.
  • Holland.
  • Etc etc!