FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)

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    Q - What areas are sailed in?

  • A -

    Initially within the rivers Crouch and Roach, dependent on course or needs.

    We have an excellent training/cruising area including the rivers:- Blackwater, Stour, Orwell, Deben, Ore-Alde, Medaway, Swale etc.

    Passages may be anywhere from 10NM to over 1000NM

    Adventure cruises have been as far afield as Portugal and the Orkney Islands.

    This year 2017 will visit the Isles of Scilly on Defiant and Scotland on Hawkeye.

    Always open to suggestions.

    Q - What experience is needed?

  • A - From none to experienced, all abilities will be assisted and all are welcome. Obviously dependent on competence levels will determine areas sailed. You will be encouraged to participate as much as possible, or if on a leisure trip and you want to ‘chill out’ none at all, sit and enjoy!

    Q - What clothing do I need to bring?

  • A - Many students will have some or all of the clothing necessary, others, especially beginners, may have little or none. Estuary Sailing provides fully automatic lifejackets complete with lights and harnesses. Protective wind and waterproof jacket and trouser (‘oilies’) are at hand to borrow if you need them. Non slip deck shoes are recommended but like boots are not supplied. Dependent on the weather and season, we will be happy to advise, please discuss before arrival.

    Q - What privacy aboard is there for sleeping etc?

  • A -

    Hawkeye has ability to sleep up to 7 people, But there will usually be about 3 to 4 people aboard. The fore-cabin sleeps 2 (either singles or a couple),  The main saloon has a double berth plus a single berth. 

    Defiant can sleep up to 6 people. But usually only 3. Double or two singles in fore-cabin. Double in saloon. Two singles in wheel house.

    Both boats have toilet, wash and shower facilities with hot water.

    It has to be remembered that boats are not hotels, they are much more fun!

    Q - What is included?

  • A - All costs aboard boat are inclusive of food and drinks on board, fuel and any marina berthing charges. Please bring your own sleeping bag/duvet.

    Q - When are courses/trips arranged?

  • A -

    There are no hard and fast dates, courses and trips will be arranged to flexibly satisfy demand.

    This year for 2017 any course will be run any time with a minimum of two students.

    2 people or more wishing to do a course can simply choose their preferred dates, let me know and book it up-simple!

    Only courses being run/booked are on the 'dates' section. You can choose any other date/s.

    Q - Any more questions?

  • A - Please phone, e-mail, text, write or pop in to discuss your needs further, you are most welcome.

    Q - How do I book up a course.

  • A -

    As soon as a course/date etc has been agreed this will initially be reserved for you.

    Then down load a booking form and send it to Estuary Sailing with either a deposit or full payment.

    This will then confirm and secure your booking.

    Q - Do you do short training sessions.

  • A -

    Shore based revision etc can be done from 4 hours or more.

    ICC assessments generally take 4-5 hours.

    Any specific training issue can be covered.

    4 hours minimum on any boat.

    Charter for 1 day? no problem-birthday treats, wildlife and seal viewing trips,

    one off practice sessions-no problem.

    Q - When do the courses start?

  • A -

    All our courses commence on 0900hrs on the start date.

    Meet either at the boat or classroom at the marina.

    If travelling further afield you are welcome to stay on board the previous night

    to save travelling early in the morning.