Training Courses

Competent Crew

This course is run over 5 consecutive days, 3+2 days or 3 weekends.
It allows a more extensive introduction for people wishing to learn how too actively crew sailing yachts. This practical course teaches core skills with a broad range of experiences. Living aboard provides an enjoyable insight to the sailing way of life. Very much hand’s on training all the way, learning the skills needed to assist a skipper; also building knowledge for the safe use of your own yacht in the future. A minimum of 100 sea miles can be expected enjoying not only local waters but also passages to nearby rivers via the sea. Estuary Sailing recommends this course as an excellent basis for future skill development.

A blue yacht moored in the marina

Course topics include:-

  • Sea terms, parts of a boat, her rigging and sails.
  • Steering a yacht under both sail and power.
  • Steering to a compass course.
  • Anchoring.
  • Bending on, setting, controlling, reefing and handling sails.
  • Handling ropes, warps and tying and use of knots.
  • Fire precaution and hazards.
  • Personal safety equipment, lifejackets, harnesses etc.
  • Man over board procedures.
  • Emergency equipment-flares, life-rafts etc.
  • Customs and protocols, environmental issues.
  • Rules of the road, keeping effective lookout.
  • Use and handling of dinghies.
  • Meterology, forecasts, Beaumont scale.
  • And lots more!