Adventure Cruises / Training for 2017

(Can include RYA training inc theory/practical combined)
Hop on, hop off, choose your area, choose your dates.

1-19th May 2017 on board motor cruiser ‘Defiant’

South coast of England to the Isles of Scilly and back. 865 nautical miles over 21 days!

Visiting:- Dover, Shoreham, Swanage Bay, Brixham, Helford River, Isles of Scilly (2-3 days), Penzance or Newlyn, Plymouth, Salcombe, Weymouth, Portsmouth (2 days), Eastbourne, Ramsgate, Home.

Serious cruising fun along the South coast to Isles of Scilly. Exciting Rya training passages, pilotage opportunities and navigation skill building. Great wildlife prospects. Choose when you join/leave ot the area cruised to suit yourself

Cost per person (max 3 crew). £90pp per day inclusive!. Rya course offers:- Dayskipper £450, Yachtmaster Coastal £550. Leisure/mile building £630 per week.

Whole trip will cost £ 1650 per person. Whole boat charter £4,500 Serious training, serious fun! Less 10% loyalty bonus returning customers.

1st-21st July 2017. Adventure sailing on Hawkeye.

To Scotland via the East coast and back. 750 nautical miles!

Visiting:- Walton Backwaters, Southwold, Bacton, Wells next the Sea, Spurn Head, Filey Bay, Hartlepool, Blyth, Holy Islands, Eyemouth, Amble, Seaham, Whitby, Withernsea, Wells next the Sea, Lowestoft, Harwich, Home.

Superb passage/adventure sailing experience. Excellent opportunity to build mileage and develop skills. Hop on/off to suit the dates/area best for you. Rya courses best prices with extra day/s free. Lots of wildlife viewing opportunities.

£70 per day inclusive for whole 18-21 day trip) Rya training-eg Dayskipper 5 day course £400. Yachtmaster Coastal £425. Cost per week leisure/milebuilding £490.

Whole 18-21 days £1400 per person. £3,000 charter complete boat (for 3 people). 10% off for returning customers.

Why not combine RYA training with great sailing. Exceptionally competitive prices.